Students and Video Games

Level 5 Games believes firstly in the priority of education and as such we see it as very important to collaborate with local schools to ensure students are not in breach of school policies when they visit our lounge.

We know what it is like to be a child drawn into the world of video gaming. It is entertaining and is sometimes a much needed escape from ordinary life, at the same time it can be a major distraction from school work and more important matters.

Some schools have guidelines by which they prefer their students operate and we do our best to ensure compliance with these once we are aware of them. We additionally exercise discretion in determining whether a younger customer really should be at school at the times they come into the lounge.

We are not always able to catch all instances where a student may be in breach of school policy, but we do ask that school administrators communicate such policies with us that we may take proactive action and extend professional courtesy to our customers.

We invite parents and students to contact us, preferably in writing to notify us about any concerns which may be present with respect to younger customers. We have a strict no smoking, no alcoholic beverages, no gambling and no foul language policy. There is also a requirement for attire and these are enforced every day.

Video Gaming offers an excellent career path for aspirants, either in game development, game testing, advertising, journalism or even consultative roles. It is important that leaders in the industry along with educators work together to help further this fast emerging field in Jamaica and the Caribbean.


Please complete our contact form on this website or reach out us at to relay any concerns.