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What makes a “Hardcore Gamer”?

Current Misconceptions

  • Hardcore gamers are not people who can only create fireworks on a screen.

    This is an fortunate and embarrassing piece of propaganda, the perpetrators of which are usually the same sort calling themselves hardcore. The fact is that anyone with a screen and a controller can press a sequence of buttons to have a character do remarkable things on the screen. If the player does not understand the “what?”, “why?” and “how?” of those actions, it is equivalent to handing a baby a shake toy and watching that infant go bananas with each jingle.
    Give a two-year old a brand new, collectible chess game and watch him/her play with the box instead…now that’s hardcore, right?
  • People also believe that hardcore gamers spend many hours gaming on a daily basis.

    This is true of some hardcore gamers, but certainly not true when it comes to gamers who spend hours running around GTA or driving around NFS without doing any missions. This group of casual gamers love the thrill of being lost in a virtual world but they rarely accomplish anything from hours spent on the toilet until someone notices they’re missing. It certainly is beneficial to explore a game, lose or die a few times and try out new abilities. This knowledge comes in handy when a gamer decides to go for the real objectives of the game.

  • Hardcore gamers do not achieve their status from playing on mobile devices.

    The main reason being any game written for mobile is usually for fleeting entertainment or encouraging addiction to a particular app. Mobile games are really meant to keep you occupied in a waiting room somewhere if you’re not so chummy with the idea of books.Mobile devices usually run watered down versions of games made for their console counterparts. Mobile device hardware is simply not up to the level of a desktop or laptop PC or a PS4 or XBox One console. I’ll concede that we’re fast approaching that time when the hardware will be close enough, but we’re simply not there yet, so no mobile gamer can truthfully make the claim of being a hardcore gamer when standing among others who game on higher end hardware. I’m not killing anyone’s ambition to become hardcore, but one has to accept that It’s simply incredulous to make that claim when you pack a nail clip folding knife going up against Orcist and Sting blades

  • Hardcore gamers do it for the love of gaming, popularity is a nice perk.

    They generally don’t go seeking popularity so you’ll never hear them yapping about how awesome they are at a particular game. A Hardcore gamer will accept a tournament win, credit and praise with humility but those things will never take the forefront of that gamer’s life. Chances are, the guy walking around your neighborhood or local video gaming lounge bragging about special moves he knows and achievements is really not a hardcore gamer, so don’t be too impressed.

The Truth

  • Hardcore gamers generally focus on a certain types or genre of games.

    Whether is it a fighting, role playing games (RPG) or sports games, hardcore gamers usually have a genre at which they outshine casual gamers. It is impossible to be equally great at every genre of game, for the simple reason that one’s personal interest in certain types of activities will differ across disciplines. It is possible to transfer the principles of hardcore gaming from one game type to the next, generally speaking, a hardcore a gamer will focus on and be hardcore at a certain type of game at any given point in time.

  • They know the history and near term outlook of their chosen set of games.

    This aspect of hardcore gaming is sometimes what causes a gamer to change to another game or switch genre entirely. The history of a game creates a story in the mind of the gamer and in that story is symbolism for every character and element of a game. Certain fighting games such as Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Smash Brothers and Killer Instinct have undergone many changes over the years. A hardcore gamer is one who has spent enough time with a particular game to be able to appreciate and understand changes in each release of a game. These changes sometimes ruins the experience for gamers due to story-line gaps or unrealistic enhancements and causes player to lose interest in the game when it appears to have drifted from it’s original scope and values. Only hardcore gamers can make the decision to switch or remain with a certain game for these reasons, because they’ve been involved with it for that long and understand it well enough.

  • They always have a strategy. Unlike casual gamers, hardcore players enter a game with a strategy.

    It could be working on weak areas, i.e. they’re practicing; they could be trying to complete a mission in a certain way or may be repeating a game at a higher difficulty level. In any case, there is always an objective and it’s never just aimlessly pressing buttons for infantile amusement.

  • Hardcore gamers are competitive but not selfish with information.

    They speak intelligently about their chosen line of games and can talk about the manufacturers. I’ll go back to the Mortal Kombat example and say I’ve met people claiming to be hardcore at that game because they’ve become good at doing bicycle kicks with Lui Kang but they’re baffled when I ask what is “Netherrelm”.

  • They usually have a preferred platform.

    This point adds to the earlier one of focus. Hardcore gamers are very picky; a controller must feel a certain way in the hand, tactile feedback must give the illusion of a bio-electronic, cyborg-like connection between the controller and the gamer’s brain. As such, hardcore gamers generally become comfortable with a certain platform such as PC, Xbox, PayStation, Nintendo or (honorably mentioning) Sega consoles. You’ll find many a PlayStation gamer complain about the way the XBox controller feels and the reverse is also true. A Guitar and a harp are both stringed instruments but you can’t play them the same way.

  • They purchase elements of games to necessary for advancement.

    I am not here referring to purchasing tokens in your favorite cooking game; instead I am talking about purchasing expansion packs, character skins and abilities, game modes and other digitally licensed content. Hardcore gamers have the interest in gaming required to make them fork out a few dollars when necessary to purchase add-ons for a game, and more importantly, support the developers who work so hard on developing awesome experiences.

How to become hardcore

  • Pick a game and finish it.

    Yes, this is the very first step, after obviously establishing you have a deep in interest in gaming. Play a game to the end, no cheat codes or assistance, just hammer away at it, formulate a strategy, make time in your day or week and push yourself to complete it. You will be satisfied with the result.

  • Play with or against another person and compare skills.

    Once you’ve completed a chosen game, play against others online if that feature is available. Go to your friend or relative who might have the same game or visit your local Video Gaming Lounge such as Level 5 Games and challenge someone who may be interested. Video Gaming Lounges are great places to socialize with other gamers of similar interest.

  • Never get stale or complacent.

    Always practice your skills, play similar games and sometimes explore other genres of games to see how you take to it. This keeps you up to date with trends and widens the scope of games you will eventually be able to say you are hardcore at.

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